Spa - a place to relax!

Relax and unwind… After skiing, climbing or hiking. Recharge your batteries in our extended spa area.


Bio sauna

biosauna.jpgTemperatures in the bio sauna, also known as a sanarium, are lower than in a classic (Finnish) sauna. They are normally around 45-60°C at a humidity of approx. 40-55%. It is considered to be gentler on the circulation.
Suitable for 2-4 persons.




Finnish Sauna

finnische_sauna.jpgThe Finnish Sauna is suitable for 6-10 persons. The temperatures are at 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. The addition of essential oils creates an enormous sense of wellbeing and relaxation.




Infrared cabin

infrarot_kabine.jpgEncourages circulation at a temperature of around 30 degrees. The cabin is suitable for 2 persons. Recommended for joint problems. Creates a pleasant feeling of warmth.





Relaxation zone

ruhezone.jpgOur relaxation zone with its many deckchairs is perfect after a long sauna session.