Our hotel in Neustift in the Stubaital has a long and interesting history. This chronicle will give you an insight into past and present events:

  • What was once known as the lower Müllerhof house (“Unterer Müllerhof”) functioned as a small farm since before Empress Maria Theresa’s times. It was even connected to a hut, which was equipped with a blacksmiths and an oven.
  • Our ancestors made their living with the barren topsoil and hand forged tools until the German Austrian Alpine Association was formed in the mid 1700s. From then on, farmers from the valley were able to earn extra money as mountain guides.
  • My grandfather, Andreas Siller, was born in 1895 at the “Obersiller Hof” farm in the Herrengasse alleyway. After the First World War he spent five years working as a milker before returning to buy this small farm, which he expanded together with his wife Anna, who gave birth to 4 children.
  • In 1972, his son Franz and his wife Maria took on the hotel and turned it from an Inn into a respectable 3 star hotel.
  • Their youngest daughter, Anna, was a trained hotel professional and ran the business from 2005-2010, when she decided to get married.
  • In January 2010, Anna’s brother Andres and his girlfriend Daniela took on the hotel. Andreas is responsible for the guests’ welfare and Daniela is in charge of reception and service.
  • Our son, Noah, was born in 2014 and in 2016 we welcomed our daughter, Hannah, into this world. We look forward to many exciting years at the Steuxner Hotel.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon here at our hotel in Neustift.


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Bergsee im Urlaub beim Hotel Neustift


Take a moment to indulge in our weather forecasting stone. The instructions seem simple and logical. Determine the current weather conditions by considering certain criteria. With a lot of hard work and skill, this stone was designed and built by “Franz”, one of our founding forefathers, and has stirred up a lot of curiosity over the years.

Sunset-Erlebnis beim Hotel Neustift


According to oral tradition, construction of the Kampl Marian Chapel, which stood deep in the forest at the time, was completed in 1896.

On the altar stood a statue of the Virgin Mary, which was lent to the people of Kampl by house Untern Sillerhof. It is said that the statue was handed over in the Herrengasse alleyway under the condition that the rosary would be prayed diligently.
The Lord next to Maria was provided by “Moidl” of house Motznhof, who had found the artefact in his attic and subsequently placed it in the chapel.
During the Second World War, the bell was removed from the bell tower and stored behind the chapel, where, as if by a miracle, it remained unscathed.

Schafe auf der Alm unweit vom Hotel Neustift

One hundred years after its completion, the Marian Chapel was renovated, given a new look with larch shingles and inaugurated.
The new pews were placed so that the chapel may also serve as a funeral hall.
Bishop Reinhold Stecher approved of these renovations.
That is how this ever well looked after chapel in Kampl became a precious gem and remains a place of prayer, tranquility and reflection.

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